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 First steps!

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PostSubject: First steps!   Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:39 am

Well particularly my favorite album is The Piper At The Gates of Down i think that the true essence of Pink Floyd is all the psychedelic stuff, that when u hear this music u feel like ur in space or in other kind of reality...u feel high! without drugs! well i would say that Pink Floyd is a Drug that we all love Smile haha well in my opinion Syd Barrett was one of the greatest song writters! and singers ever! that's why i preffer his Pink Floyd...but David Gilmour years are really cool too i'm not saying that he sucks or something like that...cause he doesn't. David Gilmour is awesome...when he started to play with Pink Floyd the sound of their music changed a lot...because of his awesome ability with the guitar o.O such amazing solo's, in my opinion Gilmour is one of the best guitar players ever Smile particularly Comfortably Numb is my favorite solo!
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First steps!
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