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 Kings theatre Southsea 21/11/09

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Kings theatre Southsea  21/11/09 Empty
PostSubject: Kings theatre Southsea 21/11/09   Kings theatre Southsea  21/11/09 I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2009 11:01 am

Saw them in Salisbury a few weeks ago which prompted me to get tickets for this Southsea gig....what a fantastic show these guys (and girl!) put on. I have to say though, Stella Fairhead totally steals the show, her rendition of 'Great gig in the sky' is simply breathtaking, im not afraid to admit it, it almost brought me to tears! She is also a very competant guitarist and i love that slide guitar machine she uses too, not to mention shes very beautiful too, the girl has it all!!

I have a few questions, it would be great if someone from TSOPFS can answer these..... In salisbury they had a female drummer, i thought she was very good, would be interesting to know if this was intentional or just because the regular guy couldnt make it. Would also be interesting to know why they dont set up in the traditional way with the drums in the centre at the back, just looks slightly odd, but maybe there is a technical reason.

The lead guitarist and bassist are incredibly talented and play with what looks like an awful lot of freedom and enjoyment, they obviously have an abundance of natural ability, its great to watch. The keyboardist (Bill Bailey lolol) is also very good.

Backing singers look good and sing well, for me its just the lead singer and saxophonist that let the side down ever so slightly, singer definatly has a good Dave Gilmour edge to his voice but what on earth is all that business of dancing round the stage pretending to play guitar, he obviously cant play, otherwise he would, so please dont pretend, looks like a teenager dancing round his bedroom in front of the mirror playing air guitar!! Sorry if ive dented the ego, im sure youve got plenty left! (sorry!)
And the saxophonist does far too much moving round the stage, for me it just takes that edge of professionalism away, just cant see that kind of thing happening at an actual Floyd gig.

Dont get me wrong, these are minor criticisms, they have a very authentic Floyd sound and all the songs are played amazingly well, but Stella is in a class of her own (ok, yes i fancy her rotten, lol). Definatly gonna see them again.
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Kings theatre Southsea 21/11/09
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