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 king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009

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ginger w

PostSubject: king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009   Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:56 am

First time I have seen TSOPFS and I had mixed feelings. Lighting was pretty good in terms of kit but felt it could have been used a lot more creatively. Rear projection is always a nice little feature as it compliments the show with images of Floyd through the years but any reason why it was so blurred? I walked in the hall and thought I had already consumed 3 or 4 pints due to the fuzzy vision. I am tee total so obviously not.
Computer designed sequences look poor now, I am sure you could afford to get some actors in a small studio for a day and re-enact some of the stuff in front of a camera.

Here's something.......I didnt quite get the 'lets all stand still at the front of the stage; backlit to silhouette ourselves because it looks arty and cool'. Sorry it looked naff and tacky.

Sound wasnt bad, drums were very nice with a punchy kick drum and snare, bass was how it should have been and stellas guitar(s) were heard quite clearly and with the expected warmth and tone. Nicks guitar however struggled to cut through the rest of the band, moreso when it came to solos. If its Pink Floyd you're doing then the guitar solos have to be head and shoulders above the rest of the music if only for that period of the track - they simply weren't and were very much lost in a lack lustre mix as the show progressed. As for keyboards......what keyboards? I could see them but struggled to hear them well. Quick tip, if you're gonna use a laptop to produce some of your sounds and samples make sure you know what to do when it lets you down. A lot of perplexed faces for short of 32 bars (Them & Us) summed it up for me when it was obvious your laptop didnt want to play ball. Never work with animals, children and now laptops !

The backing singers were very good and I was surprised when the role of the lead vocal part was left to Stella later in the show rather than either of the 2 at the back. I kind of felt they weren't part of the show more a couple of props to complete 'the look'.
Finally, was this a Pink Floyd show I was watching or the Ben Appleby Band. Judging by the amount of jumping about and running around he did in that quite frankly ridiculous kilt and the 'extra sax' in many songs that didnt even had sax in them. Less is very much more in that dept as the show lost all its integrity as soon as a sax solo came in on Comfortably Numb.

For my money I expected more, not in terms of songs, gear, etc. but just a higher degree of professionalism and 'an edge' . I dont want to use the word 'prentenious' but alas I need to because that's the impression you gave to me. Its one thing enjoying your work and having fun on stage its another acting like little rock stars announcing you're available to sign autographs after the show and other such 'amateur time' elements which made me cringe.

The show is fair......no good, BUT it aint great and has to go a long, long way to compete neatly with other rival shows knocking about (one of an antipodean heritage springs to mind).

Overall - good lighting kit, sound was a bit washy but fair, Stella is by far the best musician up there which I am sure I am not the first to mention, Ben you're a very good sax player AND percussionist just lose the kilt and stopping running about like there's a squirrel up there trying to find nuts, Nick kick the sound engineer's ass and tell him to at least use his little pinky to nudge the fader up a little when it comes to your solo's as thats what he is paid for, Adele & Carolyn demand to take over Stella's vocal part on Great Gig In the Sky and alternate it show by show as you both deserve much more recognition, Rick love the thing you have going if only to make me smile inside as I thought I was watching Bill Bailey on keys and was waiting for some random comedy moments to spring out from nowehere but the laptop has to go, Andy you're vocals are top notch....some salvation I guess and Neil cant fault the bass playing and sound you have.

The show has bags of room for improvement if only to make it tighter and more professional, I alas formed the impression it was a very good pub band up there and not a professional touring show. Like my school reports used to say '.......very good but could try harder!'.

I very much hope to eat my words next time round but at 20 quid a pop I might give it a miss if things havent improved.
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PostSubject: Re: king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009   Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:06 am

Really enjoyed the Blackburn gig, the band performance is getting better and better, I used to watch Off the Wall, and then saw spirit in Bolton in May. Run like Hell & Not now John were cracking.......Wish you were here and Great gig best of the classics. Shame it was seating only as at Bolton ....then again probably a good thing with my coordination. Thanks to the band, excellent night
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PostSubject: Re: king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009   Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:51 am

bet you are a laugh a minute
conceited self indulgent garbage but thanks anway
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ginger w

PostSubject: Re: king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009   Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:58 pm

glad you agreed with my review grumpy !

(hmm grumpy are you a disgruntled band member methinks???)
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PostSubject: Blackburn   Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:30 pm

Well ginger you may be tee total but you are a prick there was nothing wrong with the gig the boys and girls played well and the sound system and light show was good . granted i had a few beers and a couple of joints but thats what is all about .Bout time you realise that what a gig is all about its not just the band but good people that that follow . iam sorry that you come into the catagry billy no mates but please be real in your coments and try and be an anorak and take up train spotting. now not being a FLoyd geek but i have seen them afew times . lol!
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PostSubject: Blackburn Gig 2009   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:24 pm

First off some of the things Ginger said are true although a little harsh Shocked
I'd seen 'Off The wall'in my local area and thought i'd give 'Spirit' a go.
Bearing in mind i'd seen THE Floyd several times and 'AussieFloyd',who are the closest to Pink Floyd you'll ever see,these guys(and Gals) were fantastic Very Happy
Compared to the lenght of time PF and TAPFS have been together 'Spirit' are in their infancy and should be given more than 1 chance to impress the avid Pink Floyd listener.
Tribute bands are there to bring the music we love to places where the 'real' band don't play because either there to small or they aint together anymore,and at a price we can afford cheers
Maybe Ginger should have gone to the gig with a more open,and not critical, mind.Maybe he should have just gone with the flow and enjoyed what he was seeing and listening.

I for one did not travel from Ellesmere Port to Blackburn to watch Pink Floyd, i went to listen to Pink Floyd music played by peeps who love the music as much as i do.The difference between them and me is that they are 'gifted' enought to play the music,and for that i am truelly greatful Very Happy

Since the Blackburn gig i have seen 'Spirit' at Southport. I took along many friends,who have also seen 'Aussie Floyd' many times,and they were all in agreement "what a show,we'll deffo go and see them again". Some of the friends that come with me had never listened to 'Floyd' before,but because of tribute bands like 'Aussie' and 'Spirit'(and many others i've not yet seen) they are now hooked!

So what do ppl like Ginger want for their £20? Do they really want to be entertained ? because thats what you get with 'Spirit' good down to earth entertainment,2 hours of well played Pink Floyd music,enough to keep as the name says,The Spirit Of Pink Floyd, ................... ALIVE Exclamation

I,and all my friends,would like to thank 'Spirit' for their devotion to Pink Floyd and we look forward to seeing you again .... and again ..... and again Very Happy

PS ..... when is that damn DVD coming out ........ !!!!
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PostSubject: Re: king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009   Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:16 am

glad you agreed with my review grumpy !


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PostSubject: Re: king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009   

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king georges hall - blackburn 30/10/2009
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