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 Review of "Off The Wall" Grimsby UK

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Review of "Off The Wall"  Grimsby UK Empty
PostSubject: Review of "Off The Wall" Grimsby UK   Review of "Off The Wall"  Grimsby UK I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 11:04 am

You have most definatley earn't your selves another fan.

What really surprised me was the fantastic fusion and harmony with which the band played when performing.

I was truly astonished when the one of the most famous female accapella vocals was recreated in note for note perfection live on stage by Stella Fairhead, it was here that the band showed their quality and class and won me over completely.

Of course, there some touches "fills nuiances incidentals" ect that were musician added, which gave the performance sparkle, resonance and above all a natural charactor.

Only one crit though...
The lead vocalist Andy Gibson although pitch perfect in every song was a little dry.
Some slight reverb & phasing would have given his vocals a sheen that would helped him to blend in with the music much better making the songs more dynamic. I also noticed some vocal spiking top-end compression would be worth considering.

Before the show...
The vibe was slightly sceptic, which is only fair considering the sheer magnitude of the orignal artists. After the first few songs though, all scepticisms were bannished in to insignificance, because the quality of the musicianship and arrangement on display silenced any doubt.Every single person was won over with comparative ease.

At the interval...
The buzz was electric, every single person could not believe what they were hearing and could not wait to get back in to enjoy the music.

The Wall...
When "The Wall" was played out and the band left the stage the crowd were ecstatic, on thier feet and screaming for more. After a minute or so everyone sat down and refused to leave. The band came back on to perform two more songs. This was a massive crowd pleaser and also showed the bands dedication, professinalism clearly obvious love for the music.

To all PINK FLOYD fans...
Ignore your doubts, this is the very next best thing to the real thing. Percentages being a good toll for comparison 99.5 all criteria were met, the missing .5 would have been...

Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Syd Barrett
Nick Mason
Richard Wright

Tony Cummings
Mind Productions
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Review of "Off The Wall" Grimsby UK
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